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Deborah Pietrusik

Honorary Advisor and Thematic Expert for Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and Goal 9 (Indistry, Innovation and Infrastructure)

Oil and gas policy, industrial cluster development, oilsands, stakeholder consultations, industry liaison, petrochemicalsand chemicals, North America trade agreements, industrydevelopment, natural gas, environment, investment attraction,investment business case development.

Professional Engament:
NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
Research and Innovation Consultant
June 2017 - Present
Edmonton, Canada
Supporting the development, creation and launch of Applied ResearchCentres at NAIT with primary focus on a Centre for Chemicals and Fuelsand a Centre for Sustainable Water Infrastructure and Technology. Centreswork in partnership with industry in the testing and validation of technologies,processes, and engineering methods that support both economic andenvironmental objectives.

Senior Principal
January 2015 - Present
Edmonton, Canada
Working with government and industry in the the planning and development ofheavy industrial parks with a focus on refining and petrochemical opportunities.

Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs and Strategy
December 2011 - December 2014
Calgary, Canada
Sasol Limited is an international integrated energy and chemicals companythat creates value through proven alternative fuel technologies. The SeniorManager of Public and Regulatory Affairs for Sasol Canada is responsible forstakeholder relations to gain support for company initiatives and to build thereputation of the company in Canada. In addition to this role, responsible forproviding strategic advice on investment opportunities in Canada.

Director, Refining and Petrochemicals
July 2008 - December 2011
Responsible for managing the government's vision of building the businesscase for value-added developments in Alberta. Support the development ofopportunities for additional upgrading, refining and petrochemical investmentsin the province using low-cost feedstocks derived from the energy resources inAlberta within an integrated, eco-industrial complex.

Director, Energy Development
September 2007 - June 2008
Develop and implement an energy investment attraction strategy for Europeand the Americas to contribute to the growth and diversification of Alberta’seconomy by identifying sector opportunities and attracting investment to theprovince. Develop and implement targeted market strategies and extendAlberta's industry sector capacity through the establishment and extension ofsupply chains.

Manager, Energy Products and Services
October 2005 - September 2007
Manager responsible for working with the energy services sector in Alberta topromote ways to increase competitiveness and manage the challenges of highgrowth.

6 years 4 months
Manager, Aboriginal Consultations
May 2005 - September 2005
Consult with aboriginal communities on oil sands development in NorthernAlberta and assist with labour and community development opportunities forthese stakeholders.

Manager, Oil Sands Development
June 1999 - May 2005
Responsible for policy development and strategic issues related to enhancingthe opportunities in the oil sands for Alberta and working with industry onaddressing the challenges to development.

Athabasca University
General Studies, Arts and Science

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