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Nitheesh Yevan

Nitheesh is a Young SDG Activist who is supporting LEEG-net's work in promoting and protecting child rights as reflected in the following Sustainable Development Goals:

1 (No Poverty),

2 (Zero Hunger),

3 (Good Health & Well-being) including campaigns for #vaccinequity, #SDGs2EndCOVID19 and neurodiversity justice for children,

4 (Quality Education),

5 (Gender Equality),

6 (Clean Water & Sanitation),

8 (Good Jobs & Economic Growth),

11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) and 

16 (Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions).


He is interested in learning and engaging in Climate Action (Goal13) as well. 


He is presently engaged in a fact finding mission to help LEEG-net team to draft a Universal Manifesto on Promoting Neurodiversity Justice among Children.

Nitheesh is a keen student of astronomy, and enjoys doing art for a cause. 

Below is a poster done by him few years ago after studying the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The message conveyed is "1.9 billlion people are overweight, 800 million people are starving. So let's share food to make everyone happy & healthy and achieve prosperity in 2030".

SDG 2 - Zero Hunger - Poster by Nitheesh
Poster by Nitheesh on SDG 2 
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LEEG-net communique on SDG Decade of Act
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