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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Join us in a global movement for positive change!

LEEG-Net (Legal and Economic Empowerment Global Network - is a registered pro bono partnership for the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (#SDGAction40617). Launched in January 2017 by a multidisciplinary expert team representing the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Oceania. We are committed to fostering human-centric development in the UN Member States towards making development work for everyone!

The global economy continues to recover from the COVID pandemic, war-disrupted energy and food markets and the cost-of-living crisis. These global issues have negatively impacted on people’s rights to life, adequate standard of living, housing, health, food and many other basic human needs. In this situation, human rights-centric economic recovery and development have become more important and imperative than ever before.


We invite you to be a part of our mission by contributing to our fundraising campaign.

Total funds to be raised:

36,000 USD or 36,000 USDT (Crypto)

Campaign duration: Feb 09 - March 08, 2024

Funds raised so far: 1450 USDT

Please let us know if you would like to donate other amount, in other crypto currency or by credit/debit card. We will send the QR code or the payment link.

Just drop an email:

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The cause:

Achieving sustainability through human rights --

the 2030 Agenda pathway  

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda are a universal call-to- action spearheaded by the United Nations to end poverty, reduce inequality, protect the planet, tackle climate change and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. There are 17 SDGs and 169 targets set out in the 2030 Agenda which was unanimously adopted by the 193 Member States of the UN on 25 September 2015.

The 2030 Agenda is grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights treaties (Paragraph 10 of the Agenda). Over 90% of the SDG targets reflect international and regional human rights treaty provisions (Danish Institute for Human Rights, 2017). More importantly, UN Member States have binding human rights obligations under international law and certain national laws. In this context, the 2030 Agenda is a game changing initiative for all UN Member States to realize sustainable development through human rights-based approaches.

The problem: charting a human rights pathway for the SDGs

Even though the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is grounded in human rights as mentioned above, a majority of national action plans for implementing the SDGs have not duly incorporated human rights guides or rights-based mechanisms. As LEEG-Net understands, one main reason for this lack of regard for international law on human rights is the lack of intellectual unity between economics and human rights at the operational level.

The current status of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

According to the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2023, the world is far off track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and at a global level, the “Leave no one behind” principle is at significant risk.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)’s report 2023 states that all of the SDGs are seriously off track at the midpoint of the 2030 Agenda, but that is all the more reason to double down on the SDGs”.

The UN Secretary-General’s report (special edition, July 2023) on the “Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals” demonstrates that the SDGs are in deep trouble - a preliminary assessment of the roughly 140 SDG targets with data show only about 12% are on track; close to half, though showing progress, are moderately or severely off track and some 30% have either seen no movement or regressed below the 2015 baseline.

Our solution

LEEG-Net’s campaigns are a global call-to-action on the urgency of following human rights-based approaches to sustainability so as to ensure no one being left behind. LEEG-Net is leveraging the 2030 Agenda as a platform to help achieve this goal. To this end, we have developed a human rights-based blueprint to help advance the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and several projects that are beginning to make a positive impact on SDG-related policymaking and civil society actions at national and global levels.

Some of our pro-bono projects:

1) SDG-enabling Law Reform Drive -

2) Access 2 Social Protection -

3) Action 4 Digital Inclusion -

4) #SDGs2EndCOVID19 -


Why support us?

  • Accelerating SDGs: LEEG-Net is committed to propelling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) forward. Our approach is rooted in a human rights framework, ensuring that progress is not just measurable but also inclusive and just.

  • Global Impact: Your support will enable LEEG-Net to implement campaigns worldwide, reaching communities in need and facilitating the alignment of development and economic recovery programs with fundamental human rights principles.

  • Human-Centric Development: We believe in building bridges that empower lives. By supporting LEEG-Net, you are contributing to initiatives that prioritize the well-being and dignity of individuals, creating sustainable change from the ground up.


How your donation makes a difference

  • Capacity Building: Empower communities with the knowledge and resources they need to drive their development in alignment with human rights.

  • Advocacy and Outreach: Amplify the voice of those often unheard, advocating for policies and practices that prioritize human-centric development.

  • Sustainable Change: Fund LEEG-Net’s programs that create lasting impact, helping to ensure the benefits of sustainable development are felt by generations to come.


Donate today, build tomorrow   

Contribute to LEEG-Net's work and be a part of the positive change we envision. Together, we can build bridges, empower lives, and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for humanity.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our work.

Thank you for being a catalyst for change!


Warm regards,

Team LEEG-Net


Contact :


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LEEG-net communique on SDG Decade of Act
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