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Dilum Abeysekera

Founder of LEEG-net and Thematic Expert for Sustainable Development Goals 1, 5, 8, 10, 13, 16 and 17

Social entrepreneur, experienced lawyer and multidisciplinary consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the fields of human rights, legal & economic reforms, international trade including B2B e-contracting, business law and the provision of offshore legal services, to name a few.
Passionate about promoting legal innovation and empowerment of people towards advancing sustainable development.

Professional engagement:
LexEcon Consulting Group
Founder & CEO
June 1999 - Present
LexEcon Consulting Group provides legal consulting and offshore outsourcing services to a global clientele. A global center of excellence in providing innovative and effective legal services with multidisciplinary expertise.

Industry sectors and services provided:

Global Trade Guardian (GTG) | Driving digital adoption in cross-border B2B trade contracts |
January 2010 - Present
GTG facilitates secure signing of international commercial (B2B) trade contracts in the electronic medium.

LexEcon Legal Innovation Hub
March 2016 – Present
LexEcon Legal Innovation Hub is built on the multidisciplinary talent pool of LexEcon Consulting Group in order to address more complicated legal chellenges facing clients that demand innovative solutions. Web:

LEEG-net | Legal & Economic Empowerment Global Network | UN partnership for Sustainable Development Goals
Founder & Chair
January 2017 - Present
LEEG-net ( is committed to making human rights work for the disadvantaged people and their livelihoods through legal innovation and empowerment.
A pro bono initiative of LexEcon Consulting Group.

UN High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor (UNDP 2005 – 2008)
Working Group of Commission Member Milinda Moragoda
July, 2006 – May, 2007

Economic Reforms Technical Assistance Project (funded by the World Bank), Ministry of Economic Reform, Science & Technology of Sri Lanka
September, 2002 – September, 2004

Attorney-at-Law (in private practice and public sector)
December, 1993 - Present

Life member, Bar Association of Sri Lanka
December, 1993 – Present

UN Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia & the Pacific
Paperless Trade Expert
January 2013 - Present

SDG Expert
February, 2018 – Present

Ambassador (Social Protection) | UNDP International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth, Brazil
August, 2017 – February, 2018

Assigned Defence Counsel
UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Hague

Counsel (Legal Aid)
Human Rights Center, Bar Association of Sri Lanka
1994 - Present

University of Wales, UK
Master of Business Administration - MBA (2000 - 2002)

Sri Lanka Law College
Attorneys-at-Law (Final), (1990 - 1993)

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