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Honorary Advisor and Thematic Expert for Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 13 and 16 and 17

Ms. Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA is a practising Lawyer at the Paris Bar and a Mediator based in Paris and Brussels. She also acts as a Senior Advisor or Board Member for international actors (IO, INGO and foundations, Corporations). She is passionate about progress for all and thrives in making connection between disparate concepts and across sectors.

She founded a niche advising firm called CREATIVE RESOLUTION ( (2016) in reference to the need for innovation when addressing global political, economic, legal, social and cultural challenges. She advises and supports international stakeholders to be more impactful and efficient adopting a hands-on approach. She believes and advocates for a shift of paradigm in which sustainable profits are defined by a human-centered and human-rights approach coupled with a positive social impact, while grounded on business financial and economic realities.

Most recently (EMBA, 2018), she conducted research on the risks and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to leverage the impact, speed, and efficiency of public policies and initiatives in relation to the SDGs with a focus on the United Nations innovation ecosystem. She oriented her research on global governance, management and organizational strategies, public policies and ethics.

Area of interventions:

A.I for Good and Ethical A.I
Global Governance and public policies
United Nations and the SDGs
Strategic advising
Conflict resolution and dialogue
Law and Human Rights

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LEEG-net communique on SDG Decade of Act
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